The main uses and application areas of lead are as follows:


Battery: Lead-acid battery is one of the most important application areas of lead, because of its low price, mature technology, reliable performance and other advantages, plays an important role in chemical power supply.

Cable sheathing: Lead and lead alloys have been used as cable sheathing to effectively protect cables, but due to factors such as reduced lead resources, high relative density and toxicity, they have been gradually replaced by plastics and other materials in recent years.

Mechanical manufacturing: Because of its excellent properties, lead is made into bearing alloys, solder alloys, abrasive alloys, etc., which is widely used in mechanical manufacturing.

Shipbuilding: Lead has corrosion resistance, and lead plates, lead pipes and other alloy materials can be used to resist seawater erosion in shipbuilding.

Light industry: Lead is used in cultural supplies, electric light sources, daily hardware and other industries.

Lead oxide: Lead oxide is used as a battery paste for lead-acid batteries, a stabilizer for plastics, a vulcanizing active agent for rubber products, a glaze additive for ceramics, and the manufacture of ray-resistant glass, optical glass and crystal glass.

Radiation protection: Lead has a good ability to block X-rays and radioactive rays, and is used for radiation protection in hospitals and other places.

Military industry: Lead is also used in the manufacture of bullets and ammunition.

Chemical products: Lead compounds such as lead oxide and red lead are used as raw materials for pigments, glass, plastics and rubber.

Building materials: Because of its corrosion resistance, lead is used to make building materials such as pipes, although many applications have now been replaced by plastics.

Lead compounds and alloys also have specific uses in industry, such as lead-antimony alloys for the manufacture of corrosion resistant chemical equipment, lead-tin alloys for the manufacture of solder and so on. However, due to the toxicity of lead, its application is limited, and appropriate safety measures need to be taken during use to protect human health and the environment.

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