Standard for ordinary carbon steel bars



Carbon steel bar is a kind of material widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and other fields. In order to ensure its quality and safety performance, the standard of ordinary carbon steel bar has been developed. This paper will introduce the relevant content of the standard of ordinary carbon steel bar in detail.

International standard

1.IS0 standard

ISO(International Organization for Standardization) has developed a series of standards related to steel, including ordinary carbon steel bars. IS0630-1:2011 "General technical delivery conditions for hot-rolled non-alloy steel for structural purposes Part 1: General requirements" specifies the general technical delivery conditions for ordinary carbon steel bars.

2.ASTM standards

ASTM(American Society for Materials and Testing) has also developed many standards related to steel. ASTMA29/A29M-20 "Requirements for bars for Mechanical structures of Carbon and alloy steel" specifies the requirements for chemical composition and mechanical properties of bars, and is suitable for ordinary carbon steel bars.

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