High quality carbon structural steel


Grade: Example 45, 65Mn, 08F.

Grade note: direct expression of metal carbon content of tens of thousands of fractions.

Application: Non-alloy steel for the manufacture of important mechanical parts is generally used after heat treatment.

Common steel numbers and uses:

08F, low mass fraction of carbon, good plasticity, low strength, used for stamping parts such as automotive and instrument casings;

20, good plasticity and weldability, used for parts and carburized parts with low strength requirements, such as hoods, welding containers, small shafts, nuts, washers and carburized gears;

Carbon steel

Carbon steel

45,40 Mn, good comprehensive mechanical properties after tempering, used for mechanical parts with large forces, such as gears, connecting rods, machine tool spindles, etc.

60, 65Mn steel has high strength; Used in the manufacture of various springs, locomotive rim, low speed wheels.

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